The new digital service from RATP Dev draws attention

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The new digital service from RATP Dev draws attention

Nominated for the 2016 Trophées de l’Innovation, “Gemm”, the new mobility solution from RATP Dev will be offered to all networks starting in September. We focus on a 360º tool that both passengers and local authorities can use.

GEMM is an interesting acronym: Génération mobilité multimodale – a totally transversal, geotagged passenger information solution. It covers not only buses, but also tramways, inter-urban, car-sharing, car-pooling and even bicycles. The platform covers all the means of transport available in a given area and makes it possible for the user to plan an à la carte journey according to his or her preferences in just a few clicks.


“The challenge is make public transport really simple with a turnkey tool aimed at complete beginners and other users”, says Laura Wimel, operational marketing manager in the France-Switzerland Business Unit. It has a search engine to build your itinerary that takes account of times, connections between modes and traffic information. All of this is in real time. You can buy your transport tickets in a few clicks and you can access it everywhere: smartphones, websites, telephone line, but also with agents in stations and on dedicated terminals.

Encouraging the modal shift

The aim of this 360° information is to promote a modal shift, in particular for individuals in areas with less public service coverage who can now use an alternative mobility solution to private vehicles.
“Simple, turnkey information is also a driver to attract new passengers. The difficulty in finding your bearings in the transport offering is a clearly identified obstacle for occasional passengers in using public transport”, Laura Wimel continues.
Each user can enter his or her profile and centres of interest to receive on request ideas for excursions and activities reflecting their tastes and travel habits. Gemm is intended as a tool to promote the city through an à la carte newsletter about cultural and social news in the region.

Two key words: transparency and sharing

The solution, which collects large quantities of passenger dates, is also a vital instrument in better meeting passengers’ requirements by knowing them better. With its very simple operating interface, the tool is made available to the transport authority with complete transparency in a rationale of openness and sharing. “Properly used, this is a tool for managing a region in its own right which should help everyone”, stresses Marc Musy, marketing manager in the France-Switzerland Business Unit. “We’ve also paid great attention to the economic equation so that the solution can be used by smaller towns and regions as well as mid-sized and large ones”.

Mon car dans ma poche, a new school application much appreciated by parents and schools

In the same vein as Gemm, “Mon car dans ma poche” is a new digital application for tracking school transport networks in real time. Students can find out when their bus arrives; parents that it has done so and schools can see the arrival time at the nearest stop. The solution can be used on any terminal and is once again 100% transparent for the travel authority. It will be offered to all RATP Dev interurban networks for the new 2016/2017 school year.

The digital mobility solution Gemm is a turnkey tool aimed at complete beginners and other users.