Jean-Louis Onnis is the Chief Human Resources Officer and serves on the Executive Board for RATP Dev. He was appointed in January 2014. His responsibilities include defining and developing the HR policy on a global level. He has therefore played a major role in strengthening RATP Dev’s international market presence.

Mr. Onnis has more than 20 years’ experience working in international environments and has helped various global firms grow their business. He began his career at Kodak Pathé in 1992 working in sales, and eventually HR management for Office Imaging. 

In 2001 he joined Thales, where he worked as HR Manager for the Optronics Business Unit and later in Industrial Relations. Starting in 2007, Mr. Onnis was tasked with managing the development of shared HR services and coordinating efforts to raise the Group’s profile internationally. He served as Vice President of Human Resources for the Land & Defence division at Thales, operating primarily in France, the United Kingdom and Australia. 

Jean-Louis Onnis holds a postgraduate degree in human resources management.