From Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in the greater Paris region to Annemasse in Haute-Savoie, from the British capital of London to Nanjing in China, professionals at RATP Dev and its subsidiaries apply their experience to making passenger life easier.
Urban and inter-urban bus networks, school buses, company staff transportation, city centre shuttles, door-to-door transport services combining regular routes and transport on demand, dedicated networks for transporting handicapped passengers… our offering is universal and always promotes an attractive, economical and responsible form of travel.

A solution for every problem

We work very closely with organising authorities together to devise the most appropriate solution for their priorities. Every day we demonstrate in multiple countries our skill in improving and restructuring networks.

Making passengers’ lives easier

Passenger reception, real-time information systems, innovative marketing and ticketing… The expertise of our staff members is a vital asset. Our staff members are continuously innovating to help regional authorities design and implement modern, high-performance mobility services.

Next-generation buses

We use the latest innovations to provide authorities and passengers with the best possible service. We can offer electric shuttles for neighbourhood services, hybrid buses, vehicles powered by compressed natural gas, buses rapid transit (BRT) and other innovative solutions.

The wide range of technologies means that we can offer a high-quality service sized for the needs of regional authorities and for their passengers.

Ensuring safety and skills transfers

Our experts work closely with local staff through training programs to transfer our expertise and safety requirements in both regular lines and school bus and excursion services.

Our offering is universal and always promotes an attractive, economical and responsible form of travel.

Promoting every form of mobility


  • RATP Dev has committed to making its networks accessible to handicapped passengers and is adapting its equipment and services accordingly. The buses and coaches operated by RATP Dev subsidiaries are gradually being fitted with systems to accommodate passengers with wheelchairs.
  • To support its passengers suffering form sensory handicaps even more effectively, sound announcements are implemented in vehicles and at stopping areas. Our subsidiaries operating in urban areas provide special services on demand for door-to-door transportation.



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